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Potatoes in the Post

Many years ago, when Zog was looking for the perfect gift there was no moonpigeon or funkypig for him to send an amusing card, he had to search for something humourous to send his family & friends. He then discovered the Potato way before Drake did so we have now taken his idea and re-invented it for modern times. What you get is a potato sent out to anyone you like with a custom message printed either onto a clear or white label whichever we think suits the individual potato best, it will get sent out in a box with packaging via Royal Mail (anonymously if you like).

The recipient will receive a quirky & humorous gift instead of a regular boring old card, and something they will be talking about for many weeks, months or even years.

Zogs family and friends would have eaten the potato once they received it but strongly recomend you do not eat it in modern times, but it is a recyclable gift where you can compost it,